The Feast of the Heart Vision and Mission are inspired by Francis Schaeffer’s concise and penetrating insight into what is most needed in any person or culture facing its own demise. “‘Death in the City’ points to a moral and spiritual death that subtly suffocates truth and meaning and beauty out of the city and the wider culture.” (On-Line Review)

Please take special note of the operative words and their meaning that Francis Schaeffer and Feast of the Heart seeks to sink deep into the hearts of all of God’s people: Reformation. Revival. Constructive Revolution.

“The church in our generation needs reformation, revival, and constructive revolution…

At times men think of the two words reformation and revival as standing in contrast to one another; but this is a mistake. Both words are related to the word restore. Reformation refers to a restoration of pure doctrine; revival refers to a restoration in the Christian’s personal life. Reformation speaks to a return to the teachings of Scripture; revival speaks of a personal life brought into its proper relationship to the Holy Spirit.

The great moments of church history have come when these two restorations have simultaneously come into action so that the church has returned to a pure doctrine and the lives of Christians in the church have known the power of the Holy Spirit. There cannot be true revival unless there has been reformation; and reformation is not complete without revival.

Such a combination of reformation and revival should be revolutionary in our day, revolutionary in our individual lives as Christians.

May we be those who know the reality of both reformation and revival, so that this poor, dark world may have an exhibition of a portion of the church returned to both pure doctrine and the Spirit-filled life.