How Do You Spell FREEDOM?

Pull up a chair, Training Table Athletes! Today, we’re going to serve up a tasty and filling fare of remembrance, exploration, application, and sharing about the crucially important subject matter of FREEDOM. It’s a multi-course meal for those who, by faith, have an appetite for all things which prepares us to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1).
In concert with the Feast of the Heart Vision, Mission, and Core Values, I will endeavor to offer True Truth for the purposes of consumption and revival of the heart and spirit as well as the constructive revolution needed to transform the world for good… right where each one of us lives each day.

The foundations of what FREEDOM really and truly means must be based upon a premise that we rarely take the time or thought to consider: Freedom Is All About Identity.

A baseball bat is truly FREE when it is used to hit one out of the park… and not used to rake the lawn.

A backhoe is truly FREE when it is used to move lots of dirt, dig a hole, or a trench… and not used to perform a coronary artery bypass grafting procedure—the most common type of heart surgery.

An airplane is truly FREE when it is used to fly and transport passengers or cargo through the air… and not used to take the place of a submarine, or Formula Series race car.

“Drive tubes” are truly FREE when used to sample lunar regolith (the dust and rocky material covering the Moon’s surface) to a depth of 0.6 meters… and not used to eradicate those pesky moles we all know and love! (Clearly a result of The Fall…)

A mammoth Sperm Whale is truly FREE and awe-inspiring when it is confined to the deep blue sea… and not beached, flailing against the air as if it were the water, and fast approaching death by suffocation.

Am I making the point concerning, “Freedom Is All About Identity”? Here’s the scoop: The only way for us to discuss even the most remote possibility of any one, or any thing, being really and truly FREE is to know the origin, purpose and design of the object, entity, or being… that is FREE, or not.

FREEDOM, devoid of some consensus about the object’s ultimate purpose and design, is meaningless, if not irrational; a waste of time… or even deadly dangerous!

Now, the above examples may seem somewhat absurd, but they are not nearly as foolish and deadly dangerous as discussing the FREEDOMS inherent to a human being, if we can’t agree on the origin, purpose, and design of any and all human beings.

The Bible poses an interesting and pertinent question of God (and by association of mankind): “What is man that You are mindful of him” (Psalm 8:4)? Next week, we’ll take a look at this question and the repercussions of how we might answer such a foundational question—and what the answer has to do with FREEDOM.

Stay hungry for the next course at the Feast of the Heart Training Table coming soon! Hey, ya gotta eat! Eat well, Christian, eat well. For you are what you eat!

“Sous-chef de cuisine”, JohnDoz

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