Feast of the Heart Multimedia Library

This page is the repository for any/all media related to each of the Feast of the Heart Ministry Outreach areas: Publishing, The Training Table, Speaking Engagements, Book Signings, Conferences, Seminars, Spiritual Coaching, and Fellowship Feast of the Heart Adventure Retreats.

The Weeping, the Window, the Way—Video

I Am Yours VideoI am Yours – Song written and performed by Brooke Orozco and Betsy Bircher-Kloeckener
“I Am Yours” was inspired my book, “The Weeping, the Window, the Way.” In a broken world, suffering is unavoidable. The question is how we will respond to trials? As the book’s subtitle asks, “Will suffering make you bitter or better?” My book and the song reminds us that in the midst of trials of any kind, God wants us to remember and remind others,“I am yours, oh God…I am yours.”

John Dozier's Story VideoJohn’s Story – May 18th, 2010
Experience “The Story of the Stone” and John’s personal and powerful life-changing story which offers deeply personal insights with universal application. John encourages everyone to know all the glorious details of their story—the joyous and difficult parts—or risk living a life disconnected from God and self…a purposeless, unfulfilled, isolated life. If we know our story well, we will better see God’s glory; our everyday lives will be one of intimacy with The Infinite—experiencing God…the miraculous in the most mundane stuff of life!

John Dozier's Story VideoJohn explores in greater detail “God’s protocol” for dealing with the unavoidable suffering of living in this broken world. Each Bible passage given John by God on Christmas night provides wisdom and insight on the journey of redemptive suffering. Go deeply into each, and experience the transformative power of God’s Word.

John Dozier's Story Video

The Weeping, the Window, the Way — Audio

I Am Yours — Song written and performed by Brooke Orozco and Betsy Bircher-Kloeckener. This song is inspired by “The Weeping, The Window, The Way”