What is First?
Third, to the legions of angels, saints and messengers God has placed into my life—in the form of myriad colors, creeds and credentials and from places around the world. I have been immeasurably blessed by so many people God’s providence has supplied me over the years. There are a handful of particularly stalwart encouragers who, at every turn, have pressed me to push onwards and upwards towards the goal.

What is Second?
Fourth, to my dad and mom—both gone now—who have meant so much to me in great and good ways and, at times, not so great ways.  I now see how embracing all of them—in my own great and gruesome heart—I harbor no regrets that cannot be easily swallowed up in God’s everlasting arms by his absolute truth and everlasting love.  I am what I am, by biological birth and spiritual rebirth, it’s all to the glory of God. The spiritual will triumph for all eternity while biological will mark my personal story—mightily redeemed by God.

See ya soon,


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