About the Ministry

“The church in our generation needs reformation, revival, and constructive revolution… “

(Francis A. Schaeffer, “Death in the City”)


Everyone reformed, revived, a constructive revolutionary!


Feast of the Heart exists to help bring about Christ-centered reformation, revival, and constructive revolution so that God will be glorified and people blessed.

  • Reformation… we seek to abide by and serve up the true truth of the Bible.
  • Revival… we seek to model biblical Christians living in word and deed.
  • Constructive Revolution… we seek to spread the true gospel right where God has planted us with urgency, compassion, and radical self-abandonment.

Core Values

  • Truth — The Realities of God, the World, the Culture, and the Christian Target Audience.
  • Trust — Mutual Respect. Test Every Assumption. Be Accountable.
  • Teamwork — Christian Target Audience-Centered, Pulling Together, for Temporal and Timeless Results.