The Way of The Watchmen on the Wall

Welcome to the table my “fellow faithful runners of the good race” (2 Timothy 4:7)!

Please grab a seat as we prepare to sup’ on some “SuperFood for the Heart”: God’s Word and His Love and True Truth—served up by a highly fallible sinner, saved by grace, and super-charged to serve those “running the good race” (2 Timothy 3:16-17): The True Church.

The Weeping, the Window… The Way

In the third and final stage of kneeling next to my father—lying in the snow, dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Christmas night 2002—I was blessed by God by to see “The Way” forward: I must (every Christian must) stand and turn towards the chaos of a horribly world, and intentionally walk into it each day armored and armed as a “co-redeemer” and a witness to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in my life… In our lives.

I wrote about many ways we can walk in The Way each day, but one of my favorites is walking in the way of A Watchman on the Wall. As quoted from my book, and offered for you—born-again, faithful, and persevering Race Runners needed in a dying culture more than ever in all of history—to take up as your own, beginning “TODAY…” (Psalm 95:7-8).

Please consider: a) Cutting and pasting the content below into a Word document, b) creating some spaces and lines to journal on beneath each of the “Watchmen sections”, c) printing it out, writing your own WAYS to be a Watchman the WAY God has called YOU to do so in YOUR immediate circles of concern and influence, and, d) using it in whatever community of faith you’re committed to (or get committed to one) as a WAY to show them what your committing, re-committing, to for YOUR life as a Watchman on the Wall, and need their prayerful help and daily encouragement to pull off… In Christ. As quoted from my book:

An Important Consideration for the Way Forward: The Prophet Ezekiel and the Role of “The Watchman on the Wall”

The Prophet Ezekiel points to the prophetic role God calls all Christians to play in a culture that strays from God in all sorts of awful ways, a culture very much like the one in which Ezekiel and the other prophets ministered. Regularly applying God’s protocol, “the weeping, the window and the way” helps transform our hearts in such a way that we become “watchmen on the wall,” just as Ezekiel was.

Perhaps this is obvious, but let me remind you that the watchman’s audience is primarily the church, not the world. Some of God’s people there have, to be sure, devoted themselves to faithfully following God’s will. But others have gone astray, drifting from the True Truth. And some, sad to say, have become as worldly and corrupt as the culture of comfort all around us. But all tend toward forgetfulness. All need constant reminding.

Watchmen are called by God. This calling does not ordinarily come with dramatic fireworks or a striking vision but rather as we are born again, as we become new creations in Christ. With the new birth comes a new direction.

Watchmen love Christ and his followers in a way that provides a covering of God’s person and provision, especially in times of wandering away from God, which happens in every generation! Therefore, Watchmen continually remind God’s people of who he is in every way possible, while also encouraging fellow believers of the many and multifaceted provisions God has mercifully promised to his people.

Watchmen remain well-aware of the ways in which God has radically transformed their own hearts, emotions, and lives. They are also aware of their ongoing need for further transformation. This awareness creates deep humility, and a broken-heartedness that makes it possible to serve in joy, entrusting the results of their service to God.

Watchmen live in the world, but are not of it (cf., John 17:15-17). They stand on the wall, as it were, serving as a lookout for approaching spiritual dangers. This provides a unique and much-needed perspective unattainable by those who do not regularly separate themselves from the distractions and deceptions of the world.

Watchmen take full advantage of the heart transformations God offers. Through this cyclic process, they become more compassionate. They also grow increasingly passionate in their role as watchmen, offering God’s perspective and counsel to his people in: a) remembering who they are, b) warning them of the dangers they face, c) encouraging them in God’s pardon and unconditional love, d) exhorting them toward increasing holiness, Christ-likeness, and e) sharing the hope that flows from Jesus’ open tomb and impending return to rescue his bride.

Watchmen love the Church Universal as the bride of Christ, the body of true believers scattered throughout the world, God’s people of every tribe, language, and nation. Watchmen also love the church on earth as the institution Jesus has set in place to steward the mysteries of God (cf., 1 Corinthians 4:1-2). While imperfect and flawed, the church on earth is vitally important to our Lord’s mission here on earth. Watchmen stand on the wall, committed to love the church in truth, and to speak truthfully about the church in love.

Watchmen do not shrink from their God-given responsibilities because of any push-back from the world, the flesh, or the devil, knowing all of these are pitted against God’s plan of redemption.

Watchmen regularly and intentionally spend time with the Triune God of the Bible, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Watchmen rise early in the day to be with God and in his Word. Watchmen also surround themselves by a community of spiritual friendship and direction, because they know their own hearts and refuse to allow isolation to damage either their faith or their effectiveness in ministry.

Having read this description, in what ways do you believe God has called you to be a watchman for his people? Why? How does your personal story relate to a universal need for Watchmen? [And how will you try and out it in place for your life?] (John Dozier, The Weeping, the Window, the Way)

May God richly bless you and yours in this time of celebrating the birth of the One Who is “The Proto-Watchmen”, Jesus Christ, our Prophet, Priest, and King!

Remember, Reformation, Revival, and Constructive Revolution is not an option for those who have been SAVED and SENT! Turn any New Year’s resolution into a CONSTRUCTIVE REVOLUTION in, by, for, and through Christ and Christ only in 2013, and beyond.


2 comments on “The Way of The Watchmen on the Wall
  1. Tomás says:

    Thanks John for this post as a reminder that our faith and understanding of God comes with a responsibility (not of obligation, but a pressing sense of purpose fueled by grace) and urgency to understand the spiritual nature of our existence in this world. Things do not happen because of fate. There is an order and consequence for why everything happens in our lives. The enemy prowls seekings to claim unsuspecting victims that are not aware in the battles that take place although we know the war is won. The enemy seeks to claim victims in the retreat and we must be “watchful” that we and others are not caught up in the snare. We must keep our wits and faith about us and eyes fixed on our Saviour that is quick to forgive us for our sins and beckons daily for us to part from our wordly ways and to seek the ways of His Kingdom that Jesus put before us in Matthew 5-7. I would suggest that this term be gender inclusive (ie. Watchpeople or the like). Blessings of His peace, Tomás

  2. JohnDoz says:

    Thanks very much, Tomas. Great points! Comments…

    1) “…not of obligation, but a pressing sense of purpose fueled by grace…”: Speaking to a great number in the Western church who are renowned for their lack of Biblical knowledge and action in word AND deed… is complicated. The general-to-gross lack of discipleship should cause many, most churches to repent, retrench, get back to the basics, and “re-launch” truly born-again, Christ-followers into the world. Too many don’t have any idea of what “obligation vs grace” means. Even as it means obligation and grace are NOT mutually exclusive terms. “If you love me, you will obey my commands.” God’s love first, our non-meritorious response second. But respond we must.

    It’s HIGHLY problematic: “Christians living in a culture of comfort” for decades VS. the cost of discipleship” (Bonheoffer). Egro, “The church in our generation needs reformation, revival, and constructive revolution…” (Francis A. Schaeffer, Death in the City)

    YOU have a point of view, a faith, a discipleship that has been matured in the fires of redeemed suffering and sacrificial service to missions for many years, Tomas. This is not the norm.

    2) “Watchman, men” VS. “Watchpersons”: The role mainly relates to men, but women certainly have a role as well (“Proverbs 31 Woman”, Gal 3:28, etc).

    God richly bless you, my Brother in Christ!

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