The Weeping, the Window, the Way

Will Suffering Make You Bitter or Better?

An Exploration into Suffering and God’s Redeeming Grace

How could a loving God allow such widespread and horrible suffering in the world?

Will suffering make you bitter or better?This familiar and legitimate question begs for an answer by so many. In The Weeping, the Window, the Way, author John O. Dozier, Jr. opens his heart to not only share the experience of a heart-breaking tragedy, but also the miraculous story of joy and understanding as a result. John offers what he describes as “God’s protocol” for dealing with the unavoidable suffering every human being will experience while living in a broken world.

John’s story begins with the news that his father had committed suicide on Christmas night. No doubt, the chain of events that ensued after hearing the heart-shattering news was a miracle direct from God.

As John cried out to God three times while kneeling over his mortally wounded father’s body, God answered in the form of three sets of Bible passages. The passages and answers from God were not only the perfect response for John, but they offer a universal application to all of humanity’s need to respond to trials and suffering of any kind in the most redemptive way.

The Weeping, the Window, the Way is a providentially power-packed story of tragedy being transformed into triumph. In addition, it provides a “workbook for the heart” for anyone who is plagued with questions of God and where He is in the midst of suffering. Be prepared to do some challenging heart work to get the question settled. How will you choose to endure unavoidable suffering? Will you choose bitter or better?

John Dozier is a men’s ministry leader and spiritual mentor to many. He has been active in his church and elsewhere as a Bible-based leadership coach, organizational consultant, and Stephen’s Minister. John and his wife, Peggy, currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri. They have two children, Polly and Teddy. (Click here for John Dozier’s Summary Resume.)

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